Our Campus is nature.

The Bear's Web sits on 52 acres of grassland and oak and juniper forest and is surrounded by some of the largest remaining wilderness areas in the lower 48 states.

Explore like never before. Travel over mountains, across rivers, through waterfalls, and up rocky faces.

The Bear's Web is a 52 acre campus, located fifteen minutes South of Ashland Oregon, in the geographically unique and pristine Colestine Valley. With seasonal creeks, waterfalls, ponds, and secluded forest groves, there is endless opportunity for students to explore and spread their wings. The Northern border of our campus flanks the Siskiyou Cascade National Monument and open BLM land stretches Westward for 250 miles to the Northern California coast, giving us access to one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in the lower 48 States. 

experience an outdoor education surrounded by pristine nature and local wildlife.

Due to its location at the convergence of the Cascade and Siskiyou mountain ranges, the Klamath River Basin extending West to the sea, and its shear distance from any major urban and industrial centers, the Colestine Valley is blessed by pristine, unpolluted mountain fresh air, and a lack of light pollution that leaves the night sky splashed in a stardust display that rivals even the best nights atop Heleakala!

Wilderness is calling

Answer her