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"Learning is best done with passion, fun, adventure and a sense of wonder! Outside with nature creating ourselves and being part of this great journey, together we all learn."

always question and wonder

Shakina is an avid explorer, loves to question and wonder, and was born to teach and wander the woods. She follows her dreams and her heart and most of all allows the Earth to guide her in all aspects of life. These tenants guide her teaching and she has evolved to become more of a guide, empowering others to find their own passions and dive into life.

Shakina has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern Oregon and has worked in the social service and teaching fields for over 20 years. She has been an outdoor instructor and mentor for children and adults for the past 8 years. She specializes in teambuilding, cooperative learning, grounding with the earth, group and individual dynamics, and how to make it all work together.
Shakina was born on the East Coast and moved around for her first several years. From ages 4-7 years she lived in a small rural Connecticut town where she was free to roam the woods. From sun up to sun down she was out on the land exploring, learning, and playing. At the age of 7 she moved to Tokyo, Japan and where she spent her youth and teen years. She attended international schools with students from all parts of the world immersed in diverse cultures and languages. From there she followed her dream to live in the Rockies of Colorado prior to moving to Ashland, Oregon.
Shakina has enjoyed caving with a grotto, rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking. She spent the last few winters living in a wall tent without running water or electricity to reconnect with the land. Her deepest joys are the plants, animals, mushrooms, and building shelters. She loves tracking, exploring, diving into the mysteries of life, and spending time connecting with nature. She never stops reveling in the amazing interconnectedness of all life. 

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