What we instill in our children will be the foundation upon which they build their future

What are the dates for the 2020-21 sessions?

Fall Session (14 Weeks):
Tuesdays: (9/8 - 12/15) $630
Wednesdays: (9/9 - 12/16) $630
*No classes week of Thanksgiving

Winter Session (10 Weeks):
Tuesdays: (1/12 - 3/16) $450
Wednesdays: (1/13 - 3/17) $450

Spring Session (8 Weeks):
Tuesdays: (4/6 - 5/25) $360
Wednesdays: (4/7 - 5/25) $360

*$100 non-refundable deposit due to hold your space (will be applied to enrollment fee)
*Tuition for the term is due on the first day of class.
*We may add more classes depending on enrollment or shift a younger or older class depending on enrollment. Please contact us regarding specific days if you can ONLY attend a day that is NOT offered for your age group.

What are the Program hours?

All classes are from 9am- 4pm. Our day runs slightly longer than other schools to allow for travel time to outdoor locations without compromising school time.

How many children are in the program?

We limit the amount of children to in our program to 10 children per day each term. We have seen how the large class sizes in traditional schooling are hurting the learning connection and potential between teacher and students. At AmanEtania, we have found that a small group grade-less approach is crucial, where each student is recognized as an individual, their unique development and skills being recognized and nurtured.

Where do students meet for the program?

Our main campus is located about 15 minutes outside of Ashland, Oregon in the beautiful Colestine Valley. We provide transportation for all our students in our 15 passenger van. Pick up and drop off is from the Shop n Kart parking lot (268 Ashland St, Ashland, OR 97520)

unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can't expect them to help protect and care for it.

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

We are committed to providing financial aid to the greatest extent possible. Limited financial aid is awarded based on availability and need, however, as a small program, our resources are limited.

What are the ages of the children in the program?

We offer a multi-age program, with children ages 10 to 16. We believe in the power of multi-generational learning. A multi-age class also allows a child to progress from the role of a younger learner to a more confident leader who also can help others and the community grow.

Do you provide lunches or snacks?

Due to our outdoor program occurring in the field, students need to bring their own lunch, snack and water bottle.

What should you bring with you to class?

Every student should bring a backpack with a lunch, snack and water. If you have a knife or other tools you can bring those with you as well. We will send families an e-mail prior to each class if there are any specific items to bring that are not part of the normal kit, such as specific clothing, tools, flashlights etc.

Are you really going to go outside in all weather?

Yes! Our years of experience have taught us that when dressed appropriately, children thrive outdoors year-round. In cases of severely inclement or unsafe weather, we spend more time in our classroom on our campus. However, our goal is to teach children to be safe and happy outdoors in any weather. Guidance is offered to parents in preparing and dressing their child for success.

Will you do any overnight outdoors school trips?

Immersing students in nature in a multi-day stretch is an integral part of our curriculum. We will be offering several seasonal overnight trips during the year. Destinations are set based on curriculum and student interest.

the more risks you allow your children to make, the better they learn to look after themselves

What is your discipline philosophy?

True discipline comes from within. We encourage students to find the limits of the natural world by learning from the wild and from each other. We set very clear, firm safety limits and allow freedom within those boundaries to develop self-regulation. Through compassionate conversation and community building, children balance independence with accountability to their community and the natural world. When a child is consistently crossing necessary safety boundaries, we work with them and their parents to find positive solutions that take into account the needs of the whole group.

Does AmanEtania assign homework?

Research clearly shows that homework does not have a significant effect on knowledge retention or academic achievement in the elementary years. All work is completed during school hours. We would rather children participate in and help maintain the home, or just have fun with their family in the evenings!

How do you approach students with special needs?

Every person learns in a different way, at their own pace. Individualized, project-based learning means being intensely familiar with all one’s students abilities and needs. We present curriculum in a way that provides the right level of challenge at the right time. When we observe that a student could benefit from additional support, we will work with the parents and call in outside resources as necessary to help provide the tools to succeed for that child.

How do I begin the application process?

Begin by filling out the contact form online. We then send you a follow-up e-mail with a form with some additional questions and schedule a phone conversation. Before any student begins our program, parents will need to fill out our release waiver. Please print out the waiver, sign it and bring it with you to your child's first day of class

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